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Please note that email is not secure. Your email may be viewed by others and could be altered. For this reason we would advise that you do not send security or other confidential information this way. Burgh House Software cannot accept liability for the consequences of your messages being intercepted by any third party.


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(+290) 22041


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Burgh House Software,
P.O. Box 37,
Island of St Helena{2}
South Atlantic Ocean
See below for our physical location.

Communications Note

Please note that communications to and from St Helena are less reliable than in most developed countries, due to telephone, Internet and power outages. If you can’t reach us by telephone please try again later. If your email goes unanswered please re-send it.

Physical Locations

Location map for St Helena 15°55’24.3”S; 5°43’3.5”W Burgh House Software Contact Burgh House Software
Location map for St Helena, 15°55’24.3”S; 5°43’3.5”W{1}

Our base of operations (and Burgh House Limited’s Registered Office) is our home but we normally meet with clients at their premises.

To learn more about St Helena please see BlankSaint Helena Island Info.


{1} Location of Jamestown according to latest GPS data.{2} Or St Helena Island, or St. Helena, it doesn’t seem to matter which.

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PS: St. Helena, Saint Helena or St Helena - it’s the same unique place!


Burgh House Software welcomes all customers without distinction of any kind, such as sex, sexual orientation, race, colour, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, association with a national minority, property, age, disability, birth or other status. opens in a new window or tab Burgh House Software Contact Burgh House Software For more about the extraordinary island of St Helena see

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