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We are able to build websites for customers, and have been doing so since 2002. For commercial organisations, government departments, individuals and others we can provide a professional website at little cost. For charities and ‘good works’ organisations we are prepared to do this for FREE.

The world is watching Burgh House Software Website Building

Sites we have built 

Customer sites

Here is a selection of the sites we have built for customers:

Saint Helena Island Info Burgh House Software Website Building

Saint Helena Island Info
Created in October 2010 and currently maintained by us

The Bahá’í Community of St. Helena Burgh House Software Website Building

The Bahá’í Community of St. Helena
Created in April 2009 and currently maintained by us

Huxtable St. Helena Limited Burgh House Software Website Building

Huxtable St. Helena Limited
Created in April 2009 and currently maintained by us

St. Helena Freedom of Information Campaign Burgh House Software Website Building

St. Helena Freedom of Information Campaign
Created in 2012 and currently maintained by us

Equality & Human Rights Commission Burgh House Software Website Building

Equality & Human Rights Commission
Created in May 2014 and currently maintained by us


Our own sites

Of course, we also built all the Burgh House sites, as indexed on our Related Sites page.

We can build a site for you 

We can build a website for you. We offer two ways to get yourself on the Internet:

In either case you get:



Your custom-built site

If you are making your first steps onto the Internet this is the approach for you.

If you are developing your presence on the Internet this is the approach for you.

Your is a fully functioning and expandable website, made live on the Internet in a few days and at minimal cost. You decide the content, select the images and choose the colours - we do the rest. But rather than just reading about it, why not see for yourself? We’ve set up two examples of a, with identical content and colours, illustrating the two styles available. You can see them here:

Examine them both and then contact us to be amazed at how easily you can get yourself live on the Internet.

Maybe you have outgrown your current site. Or maybe you just want more than a can offer. Whatever you reasons we can develop a fully-customised website for you.

Please contact us to learn more about our website building capabilities and to discuss how we can help you find your place on the World Wide Web.

Domain Name & Hosting 

We can help you purchase your domain name and your hosting{1} from the UK company we use.


We can source internationally-recognised .com and .org domain names, and website hosting suitable for most purposes, all for a very small annual fee. Please contact us for current prices.


The website hosting plan we recommend for most users on St Helena features:

Details correct as at 1st March 2012 but subject to change - please contact us for latest details.

Search Engines

We will automatically register your site with the leading search engine, Google™. This shortens the time before your site starts appearing in search results.

Record Keeping 

Under the St Helena Media Standards Ordinance 2011{3}:

A provider shall retain all recordings or publications and any related material, for a period of six months from the last occasion when the relevant media service was broadcast or printed or until the final determination of any subsisting complaints, whichever is later.

If we maintain your site for you we provide this service automatically. We maintain an archive of all updates by date uploaded, and hold this for at least six months. If you advise us that you are the subject of a complaint we can hold it longer. We can make these copies available to you, or to your legal advisors or others on request from you. You are therefore fully covered.

(Please note: although only business websites are covered by the Media Standards Ordinance 2011, for simplicity we maintain these records for all sites we maintain.)

For the technically minded (only!) 

XHTML 1.0 Transitional Burgh House Software Website Building

We build sites manually using HTML, to the XHTML 1.0 Transitional standard, and JavaScript coding. We know there are loads of fancy website-building packages out there but we think they produce far too much code to achieve even quite simple things. More code means slower page downloads, so all that wasted code costs your users time and data-allowance{4}. There is more technical information here.

Internet Speed Test: How fast does yours go? 

Endorsed by several leading UK newspapers Burgh House Software Website Building

This simple utility will test the speed of your Internet connection and will report (separately) the download and upload speed.

Please note



{1} You need both of these to have a website - if you need them explained please contact us or read our article “A Website For Your Business?.{2} This will be far more than you are likely to need. As a yardstick, our largest site currently uses a little over 12Mb.{3} Media Standards Commission Regulations 2012, Legal Notice No. 30 of 2012, para 5(3).{4} If anyone knows of a website generator that can produce clean and efficient code with minimal waste please contact us - we’d genuinely like to know about it. Until then we’ll carry on doing it the way that produces the best site with the smallest space requirement.

Just imagine…Burgh House Software Website Building 

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