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Important Notice for all Website customers (October 2012)

Dear Customer,

You will be aware of the recent enactment of the Media Standards Ordinance 2011. This, inter alia, covers corporate, commercial and voluntary-group websites. As an operator of such a website you should make yourself aware of its provisions.

Of particular relevance, and the subject of this message, is the record-keeping requirement. This requires that: “A provider shall retain all recordings or publications and any related material, for a period of six months from the last occasion when the relevant media service was broadcast or printed or until the final determination of any subsisting complaints, whichever is later.(Media Standards Commission Regulations 2012, Legal Notice No. 30 of 2012, para 5(3)).

We can assist you with this.

We will update our system to keep a record of past publications of your website, and hold these for a period of six months (or more), deleting them thereafter. If you receive a complaint about your website, please inform us immediately, advising us of the date on which the website was viewed giving rise to the complaint, so that we can ensure that the relevant version is not auto-deleted.

There will be no additional charge for this record keeping.


Check your Internet Speed (June 2009)

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