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You have been directed to this page because you have acquired a piece of software that is “Complimentary Software”.

This page sets out your and our rights.

Complimentary Software

By using the item of software you agree to these Terms & Conditions. If you do not agree with them please delete all copies of the software in your posession, including any for backup purposes.

This software is free: you do not have to pay us to download and/or use it.

Please feel free to copy it and use it for any purpose.

Intellectual property rights remain with BlankBurgh House Limited.

Please don’t sell it or pass it off as your own.

Please don’t attempt to re-engineer it or break any security protections.

We do not offer any support for this software and you use it entirely at your own risk.

If you have any problems with it, or need it adapted and don’t know how, please feel free to contact us - we’ll help if we can.

BlankBurgh House Limited’s liability in respect of this software shall be strictly limited to the price you paid us to acquire it.

These Terms & Conditions shall be interpreted according to St Helena Law and both parties shall submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the St Helena courts.

If you have any queries in relation to these Terms & Conditions please contact us.

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